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Proper Preventive Maintenance ensures longer equipment life and safer use.Preventive Maintenance Inspection

Preventive Maintenance, (PM), service is a comprehensive equipment inspection and performance analysis that keeps surgical equipment functioning at required manufacturers specifications.

PM inspections are utilized by many hospitals to maintain the integrity and consistent performance of their surgical equipment.



Preventive Maintenance keeps your surgical tables running safely and efficiently.

    Frequent maintenance of surgical equipment provides quality assurance and safeguards against malfunctions before problems can develop into catastrophic and costly surgical equipment failures.




Cintech's preventive maintenance service includes:

  • Lubrication and adjustment of all mechanical components and assemblies
  • Test and Inspect all hydraulic system components and fluid levels
  • Thoroughly test and inspect all electrical components, when applicable
  • An electrical leakage safety test and battery check is also performed during PM service.
  • Most equipment can be repaired on-site.


Contact our service department toll free or e-mail us with questions pertaining to our preventive maintenance contracts.